Gedicht in de jaren 80 geschreven door Peter Adams, North Devon:

In childhood’s time
we form in a line
and love to play follow my leader. 

As youth comes on 
we sing the same song
and still play follow my leader. 

Sisters and brothers, 
fathers and mothers, 
all love to follow a leader.  

This fact in our life 
leads often to strife, 
for a wise man is seldom a leader 

and he who follows
knows only the shallows; 
his is the way of a pleader.

They only are strong 
who break from the throng
and make life itself their teacher. 

So if you would 
be a real man alive, 
please listen to this, gentle reader: 

Stand on your own, 
face life alone 
and never play follow my leader.

The leader – Robert Long en Unit Gloria

Liedje van Anthony King en Harold Spiro gespeeld door Robert Long en Unit Gloria in 1971, productie Ad Bouman.